Our Crew

about Charis:


I have lived abroad for about 20 years in England, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and I have traveled in most of the places in the world (All Europe, Asia, Middle East US, Africa).

I have a degree in Economics and MSc In computing and I have worked for most of my career abroad.

Working as a Taxi driver the last three years I discovered myself the treasures of Greek society and I am delighted to share with you.


Having participated as a candidate with a political party in 2012, during the peak of the crisis, I have good understanding of the current socio-economic situation and we can discuss openly of the challenges and prospects.



"Charis, you made my Trip !"

Judie & Arnold Bernstein (USA).


“We were really lucky to have found you, we will recommend you to our family and friends”.
Souzanne &  John LYON (Australia) 



"Best tour I have ever had in Athens"

Ornella D'alessio

Travel and food writer